Salma Hayek-Jimenez  was born September 2. 1966 in Coatzcoalcos, Vercruz in the southeast of Mexico, as daughter of  Sami Hayek Dominguez (Lebanese) and Diana Hayek (Mexican). She also has one brother: Sami Hayek 

At the age of 12 she were sent of to a boarding school in Louisiana, after a periode she got expelled from the school, and went back home to Mexico, where she finished her High School education. She started her college education at The College of Mexico City, in International Relations, but found that acting was her real call. 


After dropping out of college, she started acting in lokal theaters, but were soon discovered and began her career in Mexican TV soap operas in late 80s. The eager to perfomance did not come from strangers, as her mother was a opera singer. 

After some success with titles such as "Nuevo amanecer, Un" (1988) and "Teresa" (1989), Hayek left her career in Mexican TV and whent to Los Angeles, to take a shot at Hollywood.

Salmas breaktrough came after minor roles in other movies, as Carolina in  Desperado (1995).  And has since been in movies as From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), Fools Rush In (1997), Dogma (1999) and as Rita Escobar in Wild Wild West (1999).  Hayek is by many, considered to be the first Mexican actress to become a Hollywood movie star since Dolores Del Río.  

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